Monday, 17 October 2005

An ode to a fellow traveler

An ode to a fellow traveler

We are all travelers on the path divine
We meet, smile for a while, fight and then part away
Each one with different paths to go
Some paths meet
For short or for long
But then each path goes a different way
We are all travelers

Fellow travelers leave memories behind
Some weak some strong
Some bad some good
But they are remembered in the moments of solitude
The distance traveled and the moments shared
With each one of them
We are all travelers

Looking back
At the journey completed
One wonders how many travelers walked away
Or just crossed the way
Humbling, isn’t it?
Paths to go are many
We are all travelers

With kindness and compassion
And a great deal of passion
Path can be easier
And the journey smoother
We have a long distance to go
On the path divine
We are all fellow travelers

(Moscow-12:15 am 17th September 2005, Sunday)


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