Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Hitler’s Ghost in the streets of Moscow

Today most of the students missed their Russian language classes and they will miss them tomorrow too. I noticed it while I was drinking tea in the stolobaya (Russian café) that very few students had come today and told Tak (Tacoma from Japan) about it.
He told me “oh! You don’t know tomorrow is Hitler’s birthday”
I said-“no”
He told me “You should stay at home tomorrow”.
I asked him “why? Why should I stay at home?”
He said-“because skinheads here celebrate Hitler’s birthday”
He continued-“day before yesterday a foreigner student was killed in St. Petersburg”
It made me think about Hitler who killed millions and led his country and the rest of the world to war and destruction. His ghost has returned to haunt the streets of Moscow and other countries of Europe.
Russian federation itself consists of more than eighty nationalities and its own citizens who look little different (tartars with mongoloid features) feel unsafe in Moscow. What really worries me is the brainwashing of the innocent young minds that are made to believe that the solution to all of their problems is driving foreigners out of the country. The bigger problem is that they have been successful in instilling a sense of fear among the foreigners living in Russia that they can be beaten or even killed if they do not leave the country.
This trend seems to be rising in many countries of Europe including Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France where far-right is fast gaining momentum on the issues of economic nationalism and all this is happening in a globalizing world.


Blogger DA said...

Are you really serious that they celebrate that Abbhay?

22/4/06 12:53 am  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi da,
yes i am. On that day a foreign student was stabbed badly in his neck and is fighting for his life now...this is just the tip of the iceberg...if this trend continues Europe will not be able to compete in a fast globalizing economy and bring down the global economic growth with it...

22/4/06 1:13 am  

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