Saturday, 19 November 2005

Some Things......

Some thingsā€¦..

Some things I do not understand
Why the beggars on the street
Some without limbs
Without dignity and ambition
Live and are motivated enough
To ask money
What really makes them go on?

Some things I do not understand
Why do men and women
Pretend to be in love and
Lie without any pangs
When they only want is
Some exciting moments of pleasure

Some things I do not understand
Why life is a struggle for existence
Full of fear and uncertainty
Pain and brutality
With only some moments of calm and serenity

There must be more to life
Than money, love, ambition and dignity
Pretence, struggle and beauty
While so many well-off materially
Commit suicides and do drugs
Beggars on the street live on
Crying loudā€¦defiance to death!

22nd X 2005,12:30pm,Sat, Moscow


Blogger rachana said...

Life is good,life is bad,
some times pleasant, sometimes sad.
Life is a dream and a reality,life is full of all cruelity!!

1/3/06 2:31 pm  
Blogger Oksana Mirovaya said...

If you would like to understand all that, come to brahma kumaris univercity.

15/9/07 3:15 am  

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