Thursday, 10 May 2007

My Mirror

In your crystal clear blue eyes

lies my mirror

and the deep love

I see there

you are a mother,

a child,

a friend,

a lover; you

rever the mother,

care for the child,

value the friend,

adore the lover...

in your crystal clear blue eyes

lies my mirror...


Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

That's a nice poetry...indeed a tribute for mother's day too :)

Congrats on your book release

11/5/07 9:22 am  
Anonymous Dia said...


i am from jnu....

the poem is good..

simple words... still very profound....

congrats on your book release .

11/5/07 11:16 am  
Blogger lindsaylobe said...

a true light of love for you
Nice words

11/5/07 5:30 pm  
Blogger suzanabrams said...

Nice thoughts, Abhay. :-)

13/5/07 8:57 am  
Blogger Rob Kistner said...

Excellent Abhay, very moving!

13/5/07 12:00 pm  

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