Friday, 29 June 2007

Reviews of 'River Valley to Silicon Valley' and Meaning of life!

Since the time "River Valley to Silicon Valley" has been published, there has not been a single day I have not heard from somebody or the other about this book. Writing and publishing it has been a journey back in time for me. I wrote it in about five months beginning October-November 2005 and completed it in February 2006. While writing the book I was completely unaware that publishing a book can be harder and more time taking than writing it. From March 2006-March 2007, I sent the manuscripts of this books with the working title'Three Generations' to number of publishers. Some responded with rejection some never cared to respond. During this period I concentrated on poetry and wrote around a 100 poems in Moscow. Finally in April 2007, Bookwell India saw the manuscript and was delighted to publish it and the book got finally published last month on 3rd May and was released in New Delhi. Since that day there has been no looking back. In Moscow in the Embassy library there is already a queue to read 'River Valley to Silicon Valley'. The book has been reviewed so far in Australia, Poland, Russia and India and all the reviews are very encouraging. You may click at the links below to read the reviews-
1. Lindsay Byrnes, Melbourne, Author of the Blog" Lindsay Lobes"
2.. Malgorzata Kucharska,Poland, Author of the Blog "Let's Rock & Roll"
3. Vivek Kumar, Moscow, A Diplomat & Author of the Blog "The Other Side"
4. Divyabh Aryan, Mumbai, Author of the Blog "Divine India"
5. Alexander Turkov, Moscow, Interpreter and Political Analyst

The meaning of life?!

The reviews have given me great insight about my own work as well as has helped me to find some understanding of the greatest philosophical question of all times- "What is the meaning of life?"
When I wrote 'River Valley to Silicon Valley' I just wrote whatever came to my mind, my memoirs of the bygone days and I enjoyed writing and for me the story ended there. I had no particular intention in my mind or a particular meaning I wanted to attach to anything.
When I read the reviews of my book by others I was amazed to read their interpretations as each has a different take on the same book. This is very insightful perhaps in understanding the meaning of life.
"Life has no meaning of its own. The meaning is given by us. It depends on us."

Link- What readers say about 'River Valley to Silicon Valley'



Blogger Bhaswati said...

Abhay, I am waiting eagerly to receive my copy of your book so I can review it as well. Would love to. :)

I am carrying on with the PDF version you sent, but I am not a good PC reader. While at the computer, I get distracted easily.

29/6/07 8:32 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Bhaswati...I am very eager to see and read your take on my book. I have reminded my publisher once again yesterday to send you a copy! It should reach you in some time.

30/6/07 1:17 pm  
Blogger lindsaylobe said...

Hi Abhay

I had to come up with a list of 5 thinking bloggers, and yours came to mind.

Hence I have decided to award your blog the award of a ”Thinking Blogger. “

Take a look at my blog and the origin of the meme should you wish to join in and tag another 5 thinking bloggers.

Best wishes

1/7/07 5:24 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi Lindsay,
What a wonderful idea!
Thank you so much for such a great honour& award. I am truly blessed to have such positive thinking people like you Lindsay.
I'll continue the chain by naming five other thinking Bloggers in my next post.

2/7/07 11:51 am  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Abhay, I just read Lindsay's recommendation of your book. I must say, I've 'seen you floating around' in the blogosphere but with the many blogs, I cannot remember 'where'. Congratulations on the success of your book. I'll see if it is available here in the US..

4/7/07 3:24 am  
Blogger suzanabrams said...

thanks for coming by. glad to see your blog is still going strong. I've added you to my blogroll.

5/7/07 1:21 pm  

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