Friday, 1 February 2008

Tilting at Time

O' Time, stop for a while

Let me absorb the fullness of the moment

It's richness,

It's all hues and colors,

Stand still!

Don't move!

You rush too fast...

I can't catch up with your pace,

Slow down!

Wait a little!

Let me move on...



Blogger AnnieElf said...

So much said in so few words. It is truly important to take the time to breathe even if the world around us isn't. Nicely expressed.

2/2/08 1:39 am  
Blogger Abhay K said...

Hi Annieelf,
Welcome to Ideas & Universe!
Sometimes life moves so fast that it becomes impossible to really cherish the moments passed by or to feel the the passage of time. I think the whole focus and outlook towards life, happiness and prosperity need a change.
Thank you for visiting.

4/2/08 2:30 pm  
Blogger Kiran Bhairannavar said...

Time Passes by they say.
And They say,
men grow with time.

A beard here
A Muscle there
A wrinkle here
A crackling voice there.
A cloak that men wear with Time.

Yet beyond years of passage
the soft heart, the leftover tear
the boyish jest, the innocent hangover remain to rule

Below the tough cloak of time
is a tender soul longing to be,
I have seen.
The Time passes away
but leaves the Boy Alive.
(Kiran B)

Hey nice poem on Time....I hope it either waits or you rush and both live each other to the brim.

27/2/08 5:16 pm  

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