Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Chuck Close at the Hermitage

Pictures taken by Abhay K.
Chuck Close- who is he?
A painter, photographer and a master printmaker. Chuck was born in Washington, USA in 1940. He has painted large portraits from photographs and
belongs to the school of hyperrealism.A hyperrealistic painting is a painting that resembles a high resolution digital photograph. For example this oil painting of Bill Clinton by Chuck Close.

The painting of this woman below by Chuck Close is also an example of a hyperrealistic painting.

Chuck Close also works with the carpets and the self portrait of Chuck Close that can be seen below is his work on a carpet.

Chuck Close is a master photographer as well. His photos of the top model Kate Moss has been published by the Adamson Editions, Washington DC. The six prints of Kate Moss by Chuck Close can be seen by clicking here.

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