Monday, 10 March 2008

How many hearts broken?!

How many hearts broken
How many lives shaken
How many tear drops fell?
From those tender eyes;
How many curses bespoken
For his pig-headedness
For the pursuit of happiness
For living up to one’s dreams
For his sins…

He didn’t break any hearts
He didn’t shake any lives
He didn’t cause tear-drops fall
He just moved on …
He the flow of life
Pursuit of happiness is what he lives for
Living up to one’s dreams does no harm…



Blogger paisley said...

i am currently in the process of trying to coordinate a lifee time of selfish behaviors with the person i have become... it is an arduous journey to say the least... this poem really makes me feel not quite so alone...

11/3/08 6:05 am  
Blogger Kiran Bhairannavar said...

Depends on How one sees it....

for him, every heart broken, every tear dropped from those tender eyes,every curse spoken, every life shaken is worth the effort done (or undone) for his dream is reached. Nothing suceeds like sucess after all.

But for the other it isnt the same: the rattled life, the broken heart, the shattered dream, the sleepless night;For the reciever of his sins life remains no same. For some, it may take a turn for the better, but others might never recover from the loss, the pain, the sadness that 'the seeker of his dream' might leave behind.

11/3/08 5:50 pm  
Blogger Abhay K said...

Hello Paisley,
I think we all have these two sides-one dominated by instincts and the other by conscience. The internal conflict goes on forever and we find ourselves confused at times...

Hello Kiran,
There are no rights and wrongs if we lift ourselves from the thin veneer of morality that covers our consciousness. Life goes on!

12/3/08 1:47 pm  
Blogger Kiran Bhairannavar said...

Hi Abhay,
Ya, there are no rights and wrongs. After all they too are constructs of time. And Life goes on negotiating and synthesising each challenge that every minute puts up. At the end of the day only to realise that every minute of life spent has been worth it.

The Beauty of life lies in the fact that it always makes us grow into something new, something most unexpected and makes the River meander in newer lands and finally into the Sea.

Something that I missed last time to say,
Its a beautiful piece of Craft, the Poem.

13/3/08 5:30 pm  

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