Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My painting journey

I had never seen a painting in my childhood, and the schools I went to, never had any painting classes. When I came to Delhi and went to visit the gallery of Modern Art, I realized the power of art to stir somewhere deep within me.

Then Moscow was a real eye opener. As soon as I came to Moscow, I visited Tretyakov art gallery and the love of the Russians for their paintings and literature stirred me once again. It was Moscow where I wrote my first book and all my poems. I bought my first paint brush and a set of colours and painted my first painting on carton recycled from a used chocalate box.

In Moscow, I had the opportunity to meet and paint with the master artist Zurab Tsereteli and then I did not paint much as I was busy writing poetry.

When I came to St. Petersburg, I was amazed by the love for art of the city dwellers. It seems half of the city consists of writers, painters, poets, actors, theatre artists, ballerinas and Yoga enthusiatists. I think Hermitage & Marinsky build such a great influence here. Since my arrival in St. Petersburg, I have visited Hermitage, over a hundred times perhaps, and each time I have discovered something inspiring & new.

Besides Hermitage, there are a number of art galleries in the city where contemporary art is exhibited which I regularly visit. In this process I have made a number of friends from the arts field and they constantly inspire me with their work.

I paint Cosmos because somewhere deep within me there is a realization that we are Cosmic beings, some of us realize it early, some late and some never.



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