Friday, 1 August 2008

A year in St. Petersburg

Today I have completed one year in St. Petersburg and what a tremendous year it has been for me on both personal and professional front. What has been remarkable is the number and variety of the people I have met during the past year- writers, painters, singers, poets, diplomats, soldiers, businessmen, song-writers, actors, theater-artists, students, dancers, professors, political leaders, thinkers, museum curators, interpreters and India lovers. I have been enriched by their energy, ideas and friendship beyond expectations. I can say St. Petersburg is a city of creative people, a city of people with beautiful minds.
During the past year I have tried to take as many photographs of this city as I can take and have posted some of them on PICTURESQUE.
I have visited Hermitage and the Russian Museum and its wings several times and a number of art galleries and other museums. This city honoured me by publishing my book 'River Valley to Silicon Valley' into Russian in April this year and since then I have made book presentations at the historical 'Dom Kniggi on the Nevsky Prospect' and 'The House of Friendship' on Liteny Prospect and have got an overwhelming response from the readers, scholars and critics.
I have enjoyed walking in the Summer Garden and the Nevsky Prospect, along the banks of Fontanka river and the Garden of Joy in the Elagin Island. I have loved the boat rides in the Neva, Moika and Fontanka and watching the sun set at midnight from the gulf of Finland.
To be continued...


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