Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Your perfumed presence!

Your perfumed presence,
your polite ways,
your perfect smile,
draw a rainbow in my eyes!
Your soft voice,
your moonlit face,
your open heart,
the way you dress
the way you walk!
What a joy
to have you in my life!

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Blogger Kiran Bhairannavar said...

Reading this little poem,
I have no comments
just a smile on my face
across my lips
in my eyes.

its like getting a (white) rose
when still in Bed,on a cosy morning
From a Lover
in whose eyes I can see only my form
With whom walking on that lonely misty street
is like an icing on the cake
with whom even silence is worth a
thousand words.
A life to be worth Lived
A death to be worth desired
and between them
a journey worth travelled.

2/4/08 5:56 pm  

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