Saturday, 21 August 2010

Follow globally what is followed locally

Why can't we have the same arrangement for the two countries(USA & Canada for example) what we already have for two states (Karnatka, Tamilnadu or Texas, California for example) that they have to go to a court to sort out their differences, not to war. Why can't we add one more list of subjects above State List & Central List, let's call it Global List(Climate, Space, Terrorism & Global Pandemics etc.) and let the UN Parliament(does not exist, but can be a game changer) legislate on them for us all? What works best for Tamilnadu and Karnatka, can work for countries as well. But no...there are several reasons and excuses not to do it...some one would say...well there is no precedent...someone would say it will simply not work, present system is the best...but isn't our whole history about evolving from tribes& clans into city states, nation states and now United Nations. Then what are we worried about...what are our fears talking about global governance...'no that's idealistic viewpoint, romantic ideas...get real'-what one generally hears when proposing innovative ideas which can be game changer.

The point is that we sorely miss a global leader, a figure like Sardar Patel who had the courage and vision to unite over 570 princely states, gave us an United India so that the states could focus on human development, pursuit of happiness and not keep on fighting wars with each other. Can we imagine an India with independent states today? Our story could have been very bleak... The same story applies at the global level, our planet would be in a much better position to pursue goals of development which we all want with a constitution which allows nation-states to sort out their differences legally, denies them the right to go to war over disputes. Average man would be much happier with such an arrangement but defence companies with trillion dollars of capital would certainly not allow anything like that in the near future. Defence establishments will abhor the idea, but they can certainly be redeployed in Humanitarian assistance and reconstruction, policing activities. What use would be of diplomats? We would become something like resident commissioners...but our self interest should not hinder us in promoting greater common good.

I believe that there is a way forward and that is to be innovative, to help build new institutions which would let us concentrate on our development and secure for our citizens justice, equality and liberty.

(Disclaimer- Views expressed are my own and has nothing to do with any organization)


Blogger Bhaswati said...

Sure, Abhay, it's high time for us to think of alternatives such as the one you suggest. There are thousands of sane, logical ways to peace, but very little political will for the same.

22/8/10 1:28 am  
Blogger White Square said...

Great to have you back on my blog!
More and more poeple will have planetary consciousness, more political will be come on the way. As a blogger and writer it is our responsibilty to create and spread planetary consciousness.

22/8/10 3:11 pm  

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