Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Power of Culture

Culture is power. It is perhaps more powerful than weapons. What I mean by culture here is cuisine, dance, music, art, literature, dresses etc. Culture is essence of goodness of all nations, societies, communities. The great thing about it is that though culture has many forms, it unites mankind. It takes us away from thoughts of war and conflict. Culture promises us that there is the other side of life, good, rosy and after a hard day's work one can get back to that rosy side of life.

Our openness to get a glimpse of other cultures, helps us to break the stereotypes about them. We get to know that there is something common among us humans since ages-the love of good life, the divinity expressed through dance, music, literature and art.

Long ago, almost ten years ago, I had thought of a 'Global Bazar', one stop place to get acquainted with cultures of different continents, their cuisines, dances, art works, literature, dresses etc. I believe that its a sound business idea where lots of people would like to spend their weekends with families. Global Bazaar will not only be a good business idea but also a cosmopolitan cultural hub as 'Delhi Haat' is for India.
I can already see Bharatnatyam, Belly Dancing, Samba, River dance, Bollywood dance and many other such dances happening at one place with the traditional cuisine available in plenty amount to eat from different countries.

I am sure such a place can help people understand each other better and thus promote international peace.

Views expressed are personal.

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