Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Hermitage

On Sundays or Saturdays
Or whenever I can
I rush to the Hermitage
For a rendevous with my loves
Those hang on the walls
Danaes, Floras, Madonnas, Venuses, Psyches...
Compete for my attention...
And wow what I see...
The menacing cupid, untying the girdle of Venus
Tahiti girl with her tropical fruit,
The woman with the wild flower,
Judith trampling over the evil,
Mary Magadelene lying in the grotto,
Zeus, the bull taking away lovely Europa,
St. Cecilia playing music  for dying Cleopatra
Or perhaps for the broken hearted lute player?
The dance of the veils on the banks of the Neva
The saviour of the treasures of civilizations-
Pharao's tombs, gold and diamond treasures,
But above them the Onessa petroglyphs,
Hermitage, you are the only one!
And, I'll rush to you,
From far corners of the Earth,
For a rendevous with my loves,
That hang on your walls.

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