Saturday, 17 April 2010

Long live verses, beauty fades!

A poet lived here,
On the banks of the river Moika
With his young wife Natalia
Who had two sisters and four kids
The poet had fallen in love
With the young damsel of sixteen
Who never understood the depth of his love.

She loved balls and social status,
So the poet brought her to St. Petersburg
The Imperial Capital
He rented eleven rooms apartment with servants for her for five years
But he could only live here for four months
Before he was killed in a duel.

The poet was provoked by a young officer
Who has noticed Natalia at the balls
The poet had to save his honour
So he challenged the young officer for a duel
Though the poet always knew
He was not good with guns.

How could the poet have kept mum,
Natalia was young and beautiful
The poet did, all he could,
For the happines of his love,
Today the poet is still alive but the beauty is dead
Long live poet's verses while beauty fades.

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