Monday, 5 June 2006


Young are the trees
Young are the grasses
Young are the rivers
Young are the mountains

Young are the couples and
Young is their love
Young are our desires and
Young is the world

Young is the Earth and
Young are the stars
Young are the galaxies and
Young is the universe!

You can read all my poems at Enlightenment


Blogger xanjukta said...

You have the most amazing pictures on your blog... there's just too good to be true!

5/6/06 9:44 am  
Anonymous Neil said...

That poem really made me feel good. And I love the photo.

5/6/06 10:34 am  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi Xanjukta,
i was thinking about you and see you are here...these photos I took while traveling in Europe..I think in Champagne in France..

5/6/06 11:33 am  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi Neil,
Welcome to I&U,
Thank you so much Neil..I am so happy my poems are serving their purpose..

5/6/06 11:35 am  
Blogger rachana said...

v fresh ,,both words and photo!

5/6/06 1:02 pm  
Blogger Lindsay Lobe said...

Who can recite multiverses?
Could there be strangers in parallel universes ?

Are new births, new stars every day ?
New Dimensions in time far away?

Behold our precious light so profound !!
Rejoice in one universe for all of mankind !!

Best wishes

5/6/06 5:36 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Lindsay...I can say that your poem is can i say..its just great...I loved it..

5/6/06 6:10 pm  
Anonymous Travis Jay Morgan said...

I interpeted "young" as in "innocent" in this poem... Also, I was going to say "young" is relative... but everything in this poem is young... displaying the oneness of things. So the relativity didn't apply so much...and to me, that is what made this so beautiful.

6/6/06 5:12 am  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi Travis Jay Morgan,
Welcome to I&U,
You have a wonderful interpretation and I really loved it. Just to add on I am just a simple young man who expresses his feelings and emotions as he experiences them without thinking much what they really poems are just flow of deep feelings..
Thank you so much for visiting me and seeing it that way...hope you will return and spend more time here..

6/6/06 12:55 pm  
Blogger Jhumur said...

hi abhay!
nice poems...didnt kno there's a poet in u!

11/6/06 6:56 pm  

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