Friday, 26 May 2006

This Week

This week (22-26th May) of the year is so special to me-

I got a new energy to work when summer is finally in Moscow
I completed my Russian classes at Moscow State University (MGU)
The numbers of poems I wrote so far reached 50 (visit Enlightenment to read them)
I successfully completed my Russian exam
I got clearance from authorities to publish my book Three Generations
I completed 9 months in Moscow and now can go on Home Leave to India


Anonymous arulba said...

Congratulations, Abhay. It has truly been a significant year for you. As soon as your book is published, I am buying several copies.

26/5/06 8:30 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi Arulba,
Thank you sooo.. much!
Its a happy day for me and I am pretty excited..I am looking for publishers in US and UK as my story is for them who are watching India rise..
I'll present you a copy of my book Arulba..

27/5/06 12:59 am  
Blogger rachana said...

wishing you many more such weeks,in coming years....
All the best!

27/5/06 3:39 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Thanks Rachana,
I am looking forward to such weeks...

27/5/06 9:18 pm  
Blogger susanlavonne said...

Congratulations! What an outstanding accomplishment especially for one so young.

31/5/06 6:26 am  
Blogger abhay k said...

Thank you so much Susanlavonne! I feel at times that I am lazy...

31/5/06 12:57 pm  

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