Thursday, 25 May 2006

Smitten by green

I am smitten by green
This evening
While I stroll in the park
When it’s still not dark

Both sides of my path stand trees
Spring has brought them new leaves
They shine as green emerald
Through them filtered light falls on my path

Blowing waves that pass
Causes the rustle in the grass
Creates a new season of romance
Giving love a new chance

Green is so soothing
Earth’s new clothing
Everywhere peace reigns
An ambience filled with happiness

Couples kiss
Cuckoos coo
Crows crow
Cicadas chant

Dogs run
Butterflies fly
Mosquitoes murmur
Bees swarm around flowers

I am smitten by green
This evening
While I stroll in the park
When it’s still not dark


Blogger mab said...

I truly love your words here my paint a picture of solace and peace and your picture is awesome! And I thank you for your kind words about my blog. I shall subscribe to your blog and return often.


25/5/06 2:06 am  
Blogger DA said...

Abbhay my haven't been drinkin' now have you :-))

25/5/06 3:14 am  
Blogger Gary said...

I love the verse with all the "C" sounds. Nice photo too my friend.

25/5/06 11:02 am  
Blogger rachana said...

"thanks to you",,
Let me say!
for spreading hopes,beliefs and freshness of thoughts,
by weaving the words in poetic way!!

25/5/06 3:10 pm  
Blogger paris parfait said...

Beautiful poem! Nice to read a positive one, considering the current climate. :)

25/5/06 11:13 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi mab,
Thank you soo much!
Your words are hearttouching and I am so delighted to know that you found peace and solace in my words!
I feel simply honored by you adressing me as a friend and subscribibg to my blog.

Hi DA,
Do you know I break out laughing whenever I remember your this comment.Thanks!

Hi Gary,
Thanks you so much!
I am happy you liked the C sounds and the photo. This photo I took when I was roaming in Srilanka two years back..

Hi Rachana,
Thanks! Your poetic verses are very special and touching!
You have a great sense of saying much in less words!

Hi Paris,
Thank you so much!
How is it in France these days?
You are the one who truly searcehes for good poetry..

26/5/06 5:16 pm  
Anonymous arulba said...

The way you express your experience makes me feel like I'm strolling alongside you. That's for taking me on the walk with you.

26/5/06 8:37 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi Arulba,
Wow! Strolling with you would be a "Wow" experience for me! I mean we can discuss everything under the universe without stopping and that means something...may be when I am posted in Washington DC on the banks of the Potomac we can take a stroll..

27/5/06 1:08 am  

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