Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Pursuit of Happiness!

Have you ever felt speechless at times
Leaving yourself in the hands divine
Seeing sad faces bearing the grind of life
Crumbling under the modern strife
Sense of being alone amidst the crowd
The growing inner emptiness and absurd
The serenity that is long gone
The restlessness that can’t be undone
Is this the fate of modern civilized man?

The surveys show
The happiest in the world are in Nigeria and Bhutan
Where poor live with peace and calm
Is it not the time to question
The modern civilization
And its ways
Widespread angst and great stress
Is this the pursuit of happiness?

(NB-Nigeria and Bhutan are just representative)


Blogger Nova said...

This poem makes me think about how when I have visited the poorest of countries, that I had actually seen the happiest people, whereas in contrast, the most depressed people are living in the richest countries of the world.

Good poem.

11/5/06 12:48 am  
Blogger abhay k said...

Thanks Nova,
We need to talk about it more so that we rethink the direction we are going in...

11/5/06 1:07 am  
Blogger Gary said...

It's time to think about meaning, that's for sure. Peace, loving and friendly relationships, family, human warmth, community, food, music, stories...all of these are so important - and don't require much money or even electricity!

13/5/06 12:04 am  
Blogger abhay k said...

Yes Gary, I think its time and we need to tell this to the people both in the developed and developing world so they can start moving in the right direction...

13/5/06 12:20 am  

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