Tuesday, 25 April 2006


Am I passionate about someone or
Is it just to kill boredom
Only if things had been alright
Today it had not been so tight
Now I am lost and have no clue
Except facing life’s blues
I always believed I could plan
But now I take life as it comes
Can’t say life had been better
This way or that way
Though I know it for sure
That I did my best and
Perhaps this is the way
It was meant to be


Blogger Nova said...

I have always believed that where we are is exactly where we are supposed to be.

25/4/06 11:54 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

and why is that?

26/4/06 2:13 am  
Blogger xanjukta said...

like your site...music et al!

26/4/06 10:26 am  
Blogger DA said...

The journey is the goal indeed..

26/4/06 1:28 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Thanks Sanjukta a lot for being a regular here...your suggestions are welcome for making it even better..

Agree with you DA, journey is where all the joy lies,destination is empty...

26/4/06 6:23 pm  

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