Friday, 5 May 2006

Dear Sun

Dear sun
I wish I could be like you
Burning since the time you were born
So that life goes on

You rise and set everyday
Bringing cheers in my way
Every morning you arrive
With your brilliant rays
They pour into my eyes
Reach my heart, enlighten my soul

With you my day begins
And with you it ends
I love watching you set
The reddish glow that surrounds your gait

I have memories galore
From the years of yore
When I was a little kid
I watched you setting down
From top of my roof
While you played hide and seek
Hiding behind clouds and trees

When I was a young boy
I walked with my father in the fields
Looking at the long shadows
While you silently set in the sky

When I grew into a young man
I sat on the rocks
Up high in the hills
With my sweetheart
Looking at your last gleam
Till you disappeared in the sky

Today I sit in my bed
And look at you setting down
Through my window with love
Back home in the Indian sky
I could see you everyday
But it’s different here in Moscow
Because there are many hazy, cloudy days

For long I have missed you
But no more
As summer has arrived
And I would see you more;

While you go down setting
I feel as if I am left alone
But I know tomorrow
You will rise once again


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