Sunday, 7 May 2006

S...So Many!

Lauren here begins the game with S:-
Sun- my day begins with a sunrise and I enjoy a beautiful evening sunset
Sea- I love the cool breeze blowing into my face on a sea shore
Salt –I can not do without
Sugar –I need it with a hot cup of coffee and tea
Sky- I never forget to take a look into the beautiful sky
Stars- I have grown up looking at them
School Days- some of the best days of my life
Samosa – an Indian dish that I love
Spices – without them my favorite dish can’t be cooked
Sleeping – I need more than 6 hours every night. Nothing refreshes me more than a good sleep
Spring- in India there are at least 8 and I love each one of them but there is nothing like spring
Short stories- I love writing and reading them
Science fiction- I have been into it since I was a kid
Sigmund Freud- the famous psychologist I have read a lot about
Sound of music, Silence of the lambs, Some like it hot, Syriana - some of my favorite movies
Santa clause- I like his gait and gifts
Sands- I would like to walk on for miles
Solitude- I need it the most for creativity
Seven-my favorite number
Silver-My favorite color of car
Silence-The best language, with my best friends I do not have to speak
Ship-I love cruising in a ship
Swimming-One thing I want to do everyday
Sunflower- I love looking at them, so bright, full of light
Spiderman- I love this line from this character-“with great power comes great responsibility”
Sunday- My favorite day
Safari- Would like to go for it in Africa soon
Shakespeare- My favorite poet, writer
Sherlock Holm – detective par excellence
Sun City- One place I like to go to play golf
Satire-I love it
Surprises- I love them
Success- Feels good especially after many failures
Satre –one of my favorite thinkers
Samuel Huntington- I like his work though I do not agree with much of his work
Singapore Story by Lee Kuan Yew- one of my favorite books
Spa- I recently visited this small but beautiful scenic town in Belgium and loved it
Scandinavia –That is where I am going next month if everything turns out well and

Sparrows- I just love them...


Blogger rachana said...

Super list of Sweet "S"s....

7/5/06 1:29 pm  

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