Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Bolshoi Teatr

I am late once more
Though I am not sure
What time did we fix
Was it five thirty or six
To meet in the centre
At the Bolshoi Teatr

Fountains here are lovely
Around them kids play
Lovers lock lips and
Commuters rush away
A flock of pigeons leisurely roam
Occasionally flying over the fountain

It has drizzled a little this evening
And slowly the cold wind blows
With great joy flowers swing
Pleasantly greeting the young Spring

Bolshoi Teatr here stands
The pride of the Russian land
Though now undergoing renovation
Its still the good old grand

Opposite it stands Kremlin tall
Witness of Russia's rise and fall
Overlooking the Alexandraski Sad
Red Square and St. Basil's cathedral

Oh I got so lost
Time just flied past
The wait is over
We are almost late
Its time to go to the concert

Russian words
Bolshoi- big


Blogger rachana said...

you enjoy "waits" too!!!
nice discription..

17/5/06 4:03 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Thanks Rachana,
It was the time to wait so I got creative and then time ceased to exist for a while..

18/5/06 2:11 am  

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