Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Could & Would

Could the bitterness left over the times deaden the spirit
Could the heart cry forever in pain
Would the surroundings smoothen the cuts
Would the passage of time heal the wounds

Life remains a mystery
With all its wonders and gifts
And not to forget the crushing agonies
But I am sure there are more happiness than sorrows in it
The sign is that we all live through all difficulties

Moscow, 30th August


Blogger xanjukta said...

i guess as you meandered through the poem, you found answers to the very questions you had asked... am in LBSNAA... weather is great..let's see what else happens...
take care...

30/8/06 7:11 pm  
Blogger susanlavonne said...

a beautiful poem so full of demonstrates your inner strength and appreciation for life, Abhay...all the best for you!

30/8/06 8:31 pm  
Blogger ozymandiaz said...

may you live with peace my friend, glad you are back

30/8/06 9:01 pm  
Blogger rachana said...

'heart could cry in pain and spirit could be low but with the passage of time, the surroundings would heal the wounds!!'And the mysterious life will move on......

30/8/06 9:23 pm  
Blogger paris parfait said...

Beautiful, poignant poem, Abhay.

30/8/06 9:41 pm  
Blogger Gary said...

Lovely words Abhay. Yes, life is short and we must find the sweetness, the sadness will find us...

31/8/06 3:30 am  
Blogger A_N_Nanda said...

Having read your "Could and Would" I'd like to quote myself: "living is cult of acceptance; yet struggle is inescapable." Your poem is so very power-packed.

Thanks abhay.


10/9/06 2:07 pm  

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