Tuesday, 12 September 2006


Russian Dolls

Can you imagine live matrushkas!
I see them walking
Singing, dancing, gliding...
In the streets of Moscow

Some are huge, heavy and tall
Simply elephantine
Some are little, slim and pretty

Hidden from the eagles' gaze

They come out, be it day or night
Dressed in the latest fashion
Enveloped in best cosmetics
In many hues and colors

They can be pricey
They can be priceless
They can steal hearts with ease
They can even make one kneel
down at one's knees

Matrushkas are not only grand or small
They come in all shapes, sizes and forms
Whatever one says about their beauty
Matrushkas are intelligent, hardworking and pretty!


Blogger ozymandiaz said...

And thus is my brain...

12/9/06 3:40 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi Ozy,
Your brilliant poetry is the evidence!

12/9/06 6:10 pm  
Blogger rachana said...

very indian name....
nice description tooo.....

13/9/06 11:45 am  
Blogger abhay k said...

Thanks Rachana!Does it sound Indian?

13/9/06 11:52 am  
Blogger rachana said...

yes i think so! i dont know how it sounds in russian accent,but "matru" is v much of ind style.

13/9/06 1:08 pm  
Blogger paris parfait said...

Lovely poem, Abhay. Lots of layers of meaning here.

13/9/06 5:30 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Thank you Tara,
You are so good in understanding my poems. What a treat for me!

13/9/06 7:00 pm  

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