Thursday, 2 September 2010

Meeting with a Poet, Artist, Philospher & Civil Servant

A few days ago an acquaintance Amar Anand introduced me to the website of Sangeeta Gupta, a poet, artist, philosopher and civil  servant. Sangeeta Gupta has written several books of poetry, done 23 solo exhibitions, participated in many group exhibitions in India and abroad, is a serving officer of the Indian Revenue Service and has a noble purpose to establish a museum titled  'Earth'. Born in Kushinagar(where Budha got Mahanirvana) in the home of learned parents Sangeeta Gupta started reading Dr. Zhivago, War and Peace  and other classic, as well as writing poetry since the age of 13. She joined the Indian Revenue Service in 1984. While posted in Calcutta she came in close association with Mother Teresa and her philosophy of true service. When Sangeeta Gupta expressed the desire to join Mother Teresa, Mother advised her to serve people in her capacity as a revenue officer. Sangeeta Gupta rededicated herself to the service of the people. It was in Calcutta that Sangeeta Gupta came in touch with an artist and received formal training in art. Since then she has not looked back.

Sangeeta Gupta shared some deep thoughts on art-

Art as passion vs. Art as profession: Artists who make their money out of art become repetitive and predictable. True art is a spiritual exercise free from any expectations of exhibitions or sell of the art works.

National themes vs Universal themes in art - People often tell her that she could me more successful as an artist if she used Indian themes or motifs in her art works but she dismisses this nationalization of art. Art should have universal themes with which any man or even the aliens can associate themselves.

Art vs literature- Art is eternal while most of the literature is temporal. For example one cannot read a 16th century classic today in its original form but one can admire a 16th century classic painting.

It was a pleasure meeting such an enlightened soul who also happens to be a Civil Servant.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is all this & more. A true gem of a person. Hats off.

3/9/10 4:55 pm  
Blogger SangeetaGupta said...

Dear Abhay,
Just read this,very well presented.I like the way you work---a karmayogi indeed!
yesterday I finished reading your book "River valley to silicon valley".To me it is a very honest autobiographical narration of a self made young Indian.A true story of a worthy Indian son.Every child who has dreams and is ready to work for its realization must read this book.Distribute copies to school libraries ,let kids draw inspiration from it.sangeeta gupta.

3/9/10 5:05 pm  
Blogger lindsaylobe said...

Hi Abhay
It would be nice to hear about your homecoming and some of the changes you have notched in one of your next postings. An interesting story and no doubt she was given good advice by Mother Teresa which I think is very important in life ; to serve in such a capacity as best suits your charisma' s ( gifts ).
Best wishes

7/9/10 2:51 pm  
Blogger Brahmaprakash said...

As an acquaintance I can say that Sangeeta Gupta has immensely greater possibilities and what has so far been revealed about her is the proverbial tip of the iceberg. God bless her.......

8/9/10 9:35 am  
Blogger lindsaylobe said...

Hi abhay
Welcome home and I am sure you continue to notice many changes.
This was an interesting article about which I agree in that the advice given by Sister Teresa is in common with many of the great visionaries to follow your charismas in the way that is intended. That does not mean we will need to walk in their footsteps but rather do what comes naturally and as is intended to reflect the gifts which are bestowed upon us.
Best wishes

10/9/10 9:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have known Sangeeta for many years and fully ascribe to the statement that she is a very versatile, indeed a well-rounded personality. Her passion for art runs deep and her work is based on independent and original thoughts that have deepened and matured, rather than varied, with the years.

12/9/10 2:10 pm  
Blogger White Square said...

Thanks everybody for your comments!
@lindsaylobe : The next post will be on India after five years!

12/9/10 8:40 pm  
Blogger SangeetaGupta said...

Sangeeta Gupta is a renaissance woman. I wish her good luck!

K. Joshi, New Delhi

26/5/13 5:05 pm  

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