Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Kicka-the cute cat

Picture courtesy Art-col.narod.ru

There is something
very subtle and special
in your ways
that does the magic
like the spring sun rays
after a long Siberian winter
there is something
sensuous and spiritual
in your voice
that blooms a smile
on my face
every morning
keeps my days light
brightens up my evenings
and gives me
good sleep at nights
there is a touch of magic
in your crystal clear eyes
that tell the story of
an innocent heart
just fallen in love


Blogger rachana said...

hi abhay,
nice expression with word, as alaways!this is what i have to ask-
'Kicka-the cute lovly cat!
do you have her as your pet?'

8/11/06 11:38 am  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi Rachana,
Thank you so much for your cute words for Kicka...
Yes! She is not a pet yet but is likely to be in the near future!

8/11/06 1:03 pm  
Anonymous madd said...

How lovely..isn't love grand..and that kitty so very cute..she looks like she will be full of mischiefy fun..enjoy the feelings..there is nothing like it..well at leaset in my skewed view..:)or not..lol..take care...m

9/11/06 12:24 am  
Blogger Peter said...

congratulations on a very interesting blog - well done. Found you on NeoWORX so thought I'd say hi...
If you can spare a minute or so to get the Russian flag on my blog, I'd really be happy... Peter, New Zealand

9/11/06 10:58 am  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi Madd,
Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! I am enjoying her company and she feels an indispensable part of my life now.

Hi Peter,
Welcome to I&U,
Many thanks for your kind words for my blog Peter! I have visited your blog and pics there are absolutely gorgeous!

9/11/06 12:53 pm  
Blogger M. Shahin said...

Beautiful and touching. And what a cute little cat too!

9/11/06 1:00 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi Shanin,
Thank you so much for youe sweet words!

9/11/06 1:14 pm  
Blogger Susan Abraham said...

Ha-Ha,Abhay! A Siberian winter? Of course,of course! A lovely, heartwarming poem here.

9/11/06 1:38 pm  
Blogger abhay k said...

Thank you so much Susan!
Great to know that its heartwarming!

9/11/06 2:08 pm  
Blogger yioeng said...

the metaphor with the siberian winter was what i liked the most, though it was really warm and pleasing as a total, too

10/11/06 8:25 pm  
Blogger madd said...

Hi abhay, just stopped by to say Hi and saw the same post..It is either that you are very busy with work, school and or just the day to day stuff of life or the real essentials of life..love, laughter, and happiness...I am hopeing it is the latter...take care..m

13/11/06 12:51 am  
Blogger abhay k said...

Hi Yioeng,
Thank you so much for your very distinctive comment...i just love reading them.

Hi Madd,
thank you so much friend...its very kind of you to stop by and say hello...and I absolutely agree with your wonderful thought about the essentials of life...
luckily i am busy with both the former and the latter..

13/11/06 2:47 am  

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