Friday, 24 September 2010

Elements: My five years art journey

My art journey began in Moscow in 2005 when I met the famous artist Zurab Tsereteli at his art museum in the centre of the city. He invited me to paint at his studio located within the museum and I painted a restless man standing between hope and despair. Then I continued painting, more intensly in St. Petersburg where I had the opportunity to participate in the art life of the great city for almost three years, participated in several group and solo exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Paris. Art became a way of life for me in St. Petersburg. Artists, poets, writers were my regular guests. Regular interaction with them resulted into a very inspiring book about the transformative power of art which I plan to publish as 'Colours of Soul' in the coming time. Here I present the digital catalogue of my art works so far for the benefit of the viewers. I hope you'll find it stimulating.

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Blogger Bhaswati said...

Wonderful idea for a book! I have always enjoyed your art (as well as your poetry), and you are the perfect person to write this book.
The digital catalogue is superb.

29/9/10 9:25 am  
Blogger White Square said...

Thanks Bhaswati! I hope to show you the originals whenever you happen to be in Delhi.'Candling the Light' is ready for publication, hope sooner than later.

2/10/10 4:30 pm  

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