Tuesday, 23 January 2007

The Old Delhi Booklane

In that long and straight booklane
Many Sundays hav'een spent
Walking, picking, walking
The pearls and diamonds
Those lie scattered on the pavements
Amidst the heat, dust and sweat
Every time one returns enriched
With the precious treasures
For a few paisa and rupees
The booklovers of the world
You must go if you have not already been
To the old Delhi booklane
To the city ancient
To the city of yore
To see the vignettes of the past; and
To gather the priceless treasures
Those remain hidden in its heart!


Anonymous Paris Parfait said...

Oh I would love to go there - I love old books in any language. Lovely poem - I especially like "the pearls and diamonds...those lie scattered on the pavements."

26/1/07 3:41 am  
Blogger Susan Abraham said...

I like this, Abhay.
Take care.

26/1/07 10:31 am  

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