Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Final Farewell To My Father

pic- part of the painting of Yang Jian-Feng.

As I am going home again after a long time I can't think of a home without my father. He will not be there to greet me, smile with me that familiar smile that we always shared when we met. Those evenings we walked together in the green fields when the sun set in the background. How haapy he would have been to see my elder brother's bride and my book dedicated to him. But I believe he is looking from the skies and showering his blessings...

Final Farewell to My Father

I wait at the banks of the Holy Ganges
While my father travels his last journey
I eagerly wait to see his face,
to capture the last glimpse of the light
That brightened my path since I was born
His body would soon be consumed by holy fire
and soul would merge into eternity
That light has gone out from the Earth
now would shine bright in the sky
The holy Ganges would carry his ashes into the vast blue oceans
And it is there he would rest in peace and calm
And when I would look into the sky each time
I would see him smile
How may I feel while I wait at the banks of the Holy Ganges
Waiting for my father’s arrival
For the final farewell
I feel blank, clueless how it all happened so fast
My eyes swell with tears and
I burst into sobs crying out loud
‘I want my papa, I want my papa’
I can’t imagine he won’t speak to me anymore
We won’t share a smile as always we did
when I returned home
I know this meeting is different but it just feels the same
Father, you know how much I waited for you to be together
I found a park where we would go for a walk
Every evening whether is it summer or winter, snow or rain
And you see now I am here
Waiting at the banks of the Holy Ganges
Wondering how would I bid you farewell
Wondering whether things would really be the same
Wondering would I ever reconcile your early departure
I must be strong, I am your son

(Written on 16th July 2006 on the Banks of the Holy Ganges but modified on 8th Feb 2007, Moscow)

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Two years of Blogging Journey

I had started blogging on 6 April 2005 when I lived in New Delhi and was at the very start of my career. Since then two years have passed and I am very busy with my career and life once again. The peak of my blogging phase was last year in June when I posted almost everyday. Since then my blogging has taken a downturn and now its almost stagnating. During these last two years I have met some remarkable bloggers and shared my poems and ideas with them. They all figure in my links. Now a days when I have slowed down a bit, I remember with great fondness how much I love to read their comments and write a comment on their blogs.

These days reading books takes a lot of my time and at the same time I have been busy getting my books "River Valley to Silicon Valley- Story of three generations of an Indian Family" and "Enlightenment- Poems for heart, mind and soul" published. I have had success with the first one and River Valley to Silicon Valley will be released on 2 May in New Delhi. As far as my poems are concerned, two of my poems have been published by Forward Press, UK in two separate anthologies. One publisher in UK and another in US are sitting over my rest of poems(around 115) since some time(two weeks). I hope for the best.

Happy Blogging to all of you!