Saturday, 19 November 2005

Some Things......

Some things…..

Some things I do not understand
Why the beggars on the street
Some without limbs
Without dignity and ambition
Live and are motivated enough
To ask money
What really makes them go on?

Some things I do not understand
Why do men and women
Pretend to be in love and
Lie without any pangs
When they only want is
Some exciting moments of pleasure

Some things I do not understand
Why life is a struggle for existence
Full of fear and uncertainty
Pain and brutality
With only some moments of calm and serenity

There must be more to life
Than money, love, ambition and dignity
Pretence, struggle and beauty
While so many well-off materially
Commit suicides and do drugs
Beggars on the street live on
Crying loud…defiance to death!

22nd X 2005,12:30pm,Sat, Moscow



What is man but a puppet
Manipulated by the strings of fate
Swinging between
Pain and pleasure
Life and death
Now and eternity
Survival and extinction
Freedom and domination

What is man but a puppet
Yet at times when tragedy hits and
He looks beyond the self
With hope and resilience
Faith and conviction
Even fate takes a turn

What is man but a puppet
Yet only man can decide or choose
Not what he was but what man could be

6thXI 2005, morning

One Egyptian Evening

One Egyptian evening

In the sky
Through the clouds
Above the castles, green meadows
And clear streams
Among the fairies
Up, down, across and allover
Peace all around
Through the valley
Caravan of life passing through the big desert
And distant lands
Sudden and frequent hitting
Of the sea waves against the shore
Soft music through the winds
Floating, gliding,
Richness and serenity filling the space
Earth meeting the sky
Things dissolving into one
One moment
Time standing still
Universe dancing in ecstasy
Everything becoming one
Black holed
Faces appearing and dissolving
In the air
Caravans of angels passing by
Soft moon
Everything glistening with divine light
Lightness all around
Realization of the supernatural
A force

(This poem was written in the Christ the Saviour Church, during the performance of Arabian music by Egyptians in the evening of 18th XI 2005, the day when days of Egypt opened in Moscow. It captures the fantasies and imaginations of the writer.)

Friday, 18 November 2005


Life moves on
thats what they say
with or without them
thats what they say
where is the love
where is the life
may be a quarter or half,
What is it
what moves on
don't know, can't say
but they say
life moves on
with or without them...