Monday, 19 December 2005

Poems from my Book


I was always there
As the blowing wind
Or the falling leaves,
As the shining sun
Or the flowing streams,
As the chirping birds
Or the blooming buds,
As the blue sky
Or the empty space
I was never born
I did not die…



Grandma you may be gone
But you live for me
in the shining sun
in the glowing moon
in the twinkling stars
in the blowing wind
in the falling rain
in the smell of the wet earth after the first rains
in the fairytales
in those ripened guavas in my and your orchard
in the sweetness of those sugarcanes
which grow in the field
where I walked holding your finger
in my thoughts of the most beautiful lady
grandma you are always there

your body may be gone
but you live in me
and my stories
which I’ll tell my children
and your great-grand children

(a poem dedicated to my grandma, part of my book)


Immortality is what we aspire for
Through off-springs
Or writing books
Through fame
Or good work
Through worship
Or science

Should we scatter the seeds
Into the far reaches of the universe
And put the eggs in other baskets too
Should we stop the war
Into our minds
And build bridges across the continents
Should we care for our only home earth

Do we need aliens to unite us
Or widows to know war
AIDS to understand
How many die in vain

Life comes so cheap
We let many die
Yet immortality is what we aspire for

(part of my book)

You are not here

Its raining here and
You are not here
Its paining here and
You are not here
I wish things between us would have been
Always like the way we had began
What went wrong?
What happened?
Its raining here

How do I tell you?
How much I miss u
But the barriers between us
Of ego and hurt feelings
Are too high
I wish you were here
When it’s raining here

How good we were together
Sharing our joys and sorrows
It felt like living
Now I live but like dead
I wish you were here
When it’s paining here

Did I tell you?
I see you in my dreams
Lying by my side
Comforting me with your soft hands
Holding me in your arms
And it’s paining here

Your memories haunt me
Leave me helpless
Then I seek you
All around, everywhere
Only to find you nowhere

Heart beats faster
Mind gets restless
Feeling feverish
Pain doubles
Its paining here
While you are gone far away

I know the end of every meeting is parting
But this parting was not well made
It hurts to accept that you are not there
But it’s my heart
This craves for you
How do I shut it?
I wish you were here
When it’s raining here

(part of my book, dedicated to a friend)

Thursday, 1 December 2005

My Paintings!

1.Man with a flame

Colours of life. The first half has actually five colours representing earth,water,fire,sky and air(invisible) while the second half shows the colours of war-bloodshed, and peace-prosperity

Man with a flame shows the restless created by man in all spheres and the time to choose between survival and extinction

These are some of the very first paintings of my life. I just bought some brushes,oil colours and canvas and started painting....
30th XI2005