Thursday, 31 August 2006

Imagination& Reality(Poetry Thursday)

Imagination is better than reality
Where the fantasy truly flies
Where all demands are instantly met
Nothing is left to fate

Imaginations are the source of all creativity
Imaginations are better than reality
Just let your imaginations fly
And see the world soar high

There are no barriers in imagination
No fears of persecution
In imaginations you can achieve the ultimate
Imagine! It’s never too late

An angel in my life

Suddenly my life is lit up
With flares of happiness
No traces of sorrow are left behind
Life once more feels a beautiful wonder
The second childhood

I eat, sleep and wake up at time
And return home like a good boy
My home looks so clean
My kitchen is full
Soon it seems I’ll gain some weight

My clothes are clean and pressed
There is plenty of time to rest
Everything seems suddenly at its place
Just hazard a guess “who has arrived at my place”
She is my angel, my wonderful mother

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Could & Would

Could the bitterness left over the times deaden the spirit
Could the heart cry forever in pain
Would the surroundings smoothen the cuts
Would the passage of time heal the wounds

Life remains a mystery
With all its wonders and gifts
And not to forget the crushing agonies
But I am sure there are more happiness than sorrows in it
The sign is that we all live through all difficulties

Moscow, 30th August

Friday, 25 August 2006

I am back

I am back with good news. I have passed the Russian language examination with excellent results 238 out of total 300, almost 80%. Now I would get promotion in a few weeks’ time and would be confirmed in the diplomatic service.
I have been away for more than a month’s time from the globally connected world in such a place where people still wonder what Internet is so I could not read any of your heart-touching messages or mails. I do not know how to express my gratitude to all of you and thank you for your very kind words of hope, encouragement and peace.
I am going to tell you all what have I been up to all these days in my next post. My experinces here in India have been mind-boggling. I do want to share them with all of you very soon.

Love and Best Wishes from New Delhi !