Thursday, 6 May 2010

To Matyushin & Guro

Third time I visited your home
But it was third time, you did not receive me...
But I'll not stop...
I'll come again to your doorstop,
Ring the bell and climb the narrow wooden staircase...
Stand in the balcony, take a deep breath and contemplate
'The victory over the Sun'
'The journey from Cubism to Futurism and Suprematism'
I'll try to understand the foundations of futurism,
O' Elena and Matyushin- prophets of Avant Garde
Gracious hosts of Malevich and Mayakovsky
Embrace me as your own
Even though I am a century late.
I'll come again at the Peshochnaya-10
Stand in front of your grey wooden home
Ring the bells and climb the staircase...