Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Halloween Haikus

The mask of Napolean hanging down!


The Gushing warm blood
My canines into her veins
Draculine nourishment

I stand spellbound
In front of the mirror
A stranger stares

She asked me smiling
Did I believe in ghosts
To none could I answer

Sunday, 29 October 2006

She rises from the grave! (Halloween Special)

She rises, rises from the grave
In the moonless dark nights
Holding the candle
In the white
Blood splattered wedding garb

She walks through the alleys and streets
Of the old dead town
Dogs cry aloud
Breaking the drop dead silence
Smelling the rotting flesh

Bats fly over her head
Smelling death
Making a hallow- ring
Advancing, advancing
Announcing her arrival

She suddenly takes the turn
Stops by the castle
Where she once ruled as queen
She walks through the ruins
Searching the glory of her bygone past

Stink and odor fills the ambience
Wild flowers bloomed in crevices dry
The earthly creatures run for a hide
From their old queen
Who once ruled far and wide

She searches her lost beauty
Power and glory
In the candle light
Amidst the heaps of human skulls
Whom she ruled once, unfair and unwise

Her lust unquenched
Her soul tormented
Her body tired and rotting
Her heart begging for redemption
She returns to the grave when dawn approaches

She rises, rises from the grave
In the moonless dark nights
Holding the candle
In the white
Blood splattered wedding garb

She walks through the alleys and streets
Of the old dead town…

The Ringing of the Bards is up at OZY(Paper Tigers)

Friday, 27 October 2006

What If !!!

Poems are very special way of sharing our common feelings that bind the whole world together.

I wonder at times
what if
there were no seasons,
what if
there were no birds,
what if
there were no colors,
what if
there were no stars in the sky,
what if
there were no rivers and waterfalls,
what if
there were no flowers,
what if
there were no friends...
what if
there was no love
what if
there were no flavors

I think it is the wholeness of life in this universe that makes life such a wonderful experience! I feel at times that one moment of bliss is enough to give meaning to whole life despite all the sorrows as one drop of elixir is enough to render immortality, as one drop of honey is enough to take away the bitterness of gallons of bitter gall.

I would like to end it with a Haiku

‘ve been thr’u the flood
‘ve been thr’u the draught
Now look to thee my savior!


Thursday, 26 October 2006

Home coming(Poetry Thursday)

An immense joy fills me
Finding you
after years wait

You fill
The hole
That was empty
Since years

I have been
Craving for
Home coming

Monday, 23 October 2006

In the journey of life

I see myself looking at me
With inquisitiveness; and
There is glint in my eyes
That smile at me
Perhaps there is joy
Of discovery,
Finding the long lost love
That was once part of me

My eyes never get tired
Looking at your
Crystal clear blue eyes
The windows
to your heart and soul
to the heavenly gardens
Full with overflowing joy
And I can’t look away
Even for a while

Your face
like Alice lost
in the wonderland
Your energy
Your readiness
To lift every drop of joy
To live every moment
Cherish the oasis of bliss
On the way
In the journey of life

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Tuesday, 17 October 2006

"Natural Spirit"- An anthology of poems by FP, UK

Dear fellow blogger friends,

I want to share a good news with you. My poem "I am smitten by green" has been chosen by the Forward Press, UK to be published in form of an anthology edited by Michelle Afford in a book titled "Natural Spirit"(ISBN 1844310884). The book will be in market on 1st January 2007 priced at £14.99
"I am smitten by green" was earlier published on this blog on May 24, 2000.I am putting the poem here for your pleasant perusal....

I am smitten by green

I am smitten by green
This evening
While I stroll in the park
When it’s still not dark

Both sides of my path stand trees
Spring has brought them new leaves
They shine as green emerald
Through them filtered light falls on my path

Blowing waves that pass
Causes the rustle in the grass
Creates a new season of romance
Giving love a new chance

Green is so soothing
Earth’s new clothing
Everywhere peace reigns
An ambience filled with happiness

Couples kiss
Cuckoos coo
Crows crow
Cicadas chant

Dogs run
Butterflies fly
Mosquitoes murmur
Bees swarm around flowers

I am smitten by green
This evening
While I stroll in the park
When it’s still not dark

with love from Moscow,

abhay k

Monday, 16 October 2006

Ringing of the Bards -XVII

While I am being framed
Could I be he,or is he me?
sitting close to my window,looking out
trails stretch on before me
I wander through the silence
Sounds of leaves caressing trees
replacing those of violence.
bright and fresh like a pearl.
free from the yesterday's stress
far from the burdens of the past
And then there is no banditry,
not even silence,
only freshness all around
through the ethereal space

I have truly enjoyed hosting this Carnival;its an immense joy and opportunity to read such talented poets as Bob Hazelton(Framed), Billy Jones(Spam Bandit), Shirley Allard(Suddenly silent), Bill Piety(I have a window) and Rachana Bajaj(Song of a little girl). I also received a poem from Linda Stewart(If/then) and I really loved reading it. I am putting parts of Linda's poem here as there was no permanent link and I do not know if she has a blog...

If the world may be divided into shoes,
your favorites are the kind that shuffle leaves.
You walk along as if you were a lens,
depending on abundant cups of coffee,
and think about a brand new tube of paint
that just might give your inspiration wings.

Then you might say forget about the paint
and seek new vistas with your favorite lens.
Then surely there would be replacement leaves
elaborating inspiration's wings,
contrasting with your insufficient shoes.

Saturday, 14 October 2006

Ringing of the Bards -XVII (SUBMISSIONS)

Dear poets,

The Ringing of the Bards-XVII is happening once again celebrating poetry and all of you are the heroes who make it happen. This time the carnival will celebrate the simple in our lives...the wonder and beauty we find in our everyday life in common and ordinary things that surround us. For example a lampstand, a book, an onion, a flower, a pebble lying quietly in the corner and such thousand other ordinary things that are part and parcel of our daily living.

I would be equally happy to receive any other poem you wish to send for the carnival. Please send your submissions at abhayifs(at)gmail(dot)com by Sunday afternoon to be featured in the Ringing.

Wishing you all the best...

Thursday, 12 October 2006

Defeated?!(Poetry Thursday)

I am defeated
By my own expectations
My own ambitions
No one else could defeat me
But myself

I am defeated by desires
That cropped up
With time
Luring me ever
Tormenting my soul

I wish I could
Be free
From these chains
Of desires
That bind me tight

Is victory elusive
In this life
Is defeat human destiny
Is there no way out
Of this deep darkness

I must search the light within
As the darkness surrounds me
I must choose the path of enlightenment
That promises freedom from births and deaths
Freedom from defeats and victories

Monday, 9 October 2006


Are you scared of loneliness
Don’t be, because it’s not your fate
But what you chose to be
You chose success
You chose individuality
Leaving behind the community
You chose pleasure over happiness
You chose to achieve all
In just one life time
Forgetting those who cared
Where are you heading to?
Lonely, bored and burnt-out
Think, there is still some time left
Do not let it be your fate
Stop for a while and contemplate.

Friday, 6 October 2006

Fallen leaves of autumn(Poetry Thursday)

the fallen leaves
on the pavements
are just not leaves
the precious pieces of gold
scattered in abundance
celebrating the glories
of the august autumn

the fallen leaves
cry out loud
words of wisdom
come out
touch and trample
let the hearts burst open
with joy
let us find a cause
in our fall

oh !
wise fallen leaves
without you
where would a poet breathe
with peace,
o wise leaves
keep on falling
every autumn
from the trees

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Wednesday, 4 October 2006

You & me (Part-II)

What stays with me
Is me
You came and went away
What stayed with me
Is me

When we met
We thought
It’s for ever
Then sadly one day
We had to part away

Strangers became friends
Friends became strangers
It all happened with time
It all happened in this life

Could you say
I moved away
Or you were left behind
may be it’s just the trick of time

You and me
Crossed paths
Then each on one’s own

A sweet fragrance
From memories' garden
Keeps mesmerizing
Since then

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Tuesday, 3 October 2006

A heart in the Universe!

Light from the Heart Nebula Credit & Copyright: Matt Russell

Check out the Astronomy Picture of the day here everyday

You & me (Part-I)

When I’ll be through my fetishes
I’ll be with you
When all my dreams will come true
I’ll be with you
When this long winter will end
I’ll be with you

What if all the fetishes, dreams are over
And even the winter is gone
Would you still be there?
Standing for me?

I know the answer
You know the answer
But let’s keep asking questions
Time passes that way quickly

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Sunday, 1 October 2006

My story

I’ll rise from the rubbles
of my shattered dreams
And touch the sky one day
I was never born
with a silver spoon
All the time
I have been trying
I fall, I rise
I move forward
That’s my story

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