Monday, 28 July 2008


I loved when it rained in JNU,

I went around riding my bike

Along the ring path, through the divine greens,

And I loved India-gate at nights

And let a few balloons loose in the Delhi sky

I loved the tombs and temples

Those scatter around the ancient landscape

And the black ‘Jamuns’ ripened by

The summer heat of the ancient civilization

Adorned all over the roads of the Lutyen’s Delhi

Spreading their woody fragrance

I loved those green & yellow auto-rickshaws

Available around the corner of every street

Making their way through the busy traffic

Taking me across the city; DU to JNU and JNU to DU

I loved the pristine Lodi garden

Where I jogged with my father every morning

And gave food to the birds, ants and squirrels with my mother

And the unforgettable ‘Khan Market’

Where I spent many evenings with my friends at the ‘Barista’ café

And the ‘Cannought Place’, the heart of New Delhi

Where we went for pilgrimage,

Every year after our College exams got over

The D’ School and the Delhi University garden

Walking through St. Stephen and the Kamla Nagar

The weekend movies at ‘Shakuntalam’ ‘Priya’ & PVR

Dear Delhi, how much I miss you

You are one beloved with many lovers

Nevertheless, I have loved you with all my heart

And I’ll return to you, with the waves of time.


Sunday, 20 July 2008

Home- my concerns on canvass

Oil & Canvas
40 x 30 cm
By Abhay K.


Monday, 14 July 2008


Pic. by Abhay K.

Blessed are the ones, who live immersed in beauty,

Blessed are you, with earth-blue eyes,

Your golden locks made of the shooting stars,

Glowing as the full moon in the dark starry nights,

The epitome of unearthly beauty-eternal, impersonal,

Blessed! Beyond desires.

Blessed is the earth! Blessed is the Milky Way! Blessed is the Universe!

Blessed is the billion years journey since the Big Bang

You were the meaning, you were the purpose,

Something that Philosophers would never understand.