Saturday, 15 July 2006

What happened to My Papa

My father died yesterday around 2:30 PM on the way to the hospital in New Delhi. It was 14th of July 2006 and I had packed my suitcase to leave for St. Petersburg to facilitate the G-8 summit. My brother called me up and said-“abhay come home soon, come home soon, papa is in emergency.” I said- “bhaiya, if papa is in emergency then take him to the Escorts, I am going to St. Petersburg ”. He said-“abhay come home, come home, papa is no more.” This struck me like a thunder. I had just spoken to him in the morning around 10 AM and he was absolutely fine. What happened I simply could not understand? He had a minor heart attack on 26th of June while he was at home in the village. The local paramedical practitioner measured his blood pressure and found it to be high. He accompanied him to the district headquarter in Biharshariff to see a doctor. The doctor declared that he had suffered heart attack twice and would be in critical situation for the next two days. He put him on oxygen and stabilized him injecting medicines. He was referred to the Jeevak Hospital, Patna. There he stayed for a few days. All tests were again carried out to ascertain cardiac arrest. The tests showed that he had heart attack in the past few days as his one artery was blocked. The doctors recommended him to go to Delhi and get checked at the Escorts. My brother, who works in Chennai, flied to Patna to accompany my father to Delhi along with my mother. My father was admitted in Escorts and a date for his bypass heart surgery was fixed. It was on 6th July 2006. The surgery was conducted by Naresh Trehan and was successful. I arrived in New Delhi in the morning of the 7th July from Moscow. I went to see my father in the recovery ward at the Escorts. He was recovering fast. He looked very happy to see me. The next day too I went to see him and he was improving fast. The third day he was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit. He found the place noisy and irritating. He was angry at the doctors about the issue of removal of the urine pipe. He wanted it to be removed as early as possible while doctors wanted to keep it one more day. Somehow we worked that thing out and he agreed to keep it one more day. I spoke to the sisters serving him to be kind and gentle with him and listen to him carefully whatever he says. The next day when I went to see my father he was happy about the services of the sisters and he praised them for their patience. He said- “however angry one gets these sisters never lose their temper. They always listen to us carefully and smile.” I was happy seeing the change in his mood. The urine pipe had already been removed and my father had started walking with the help of the sisters. That day I sat with him for more than 45 minutes because the security guard was not around otherwise he starts sending marching orders in 15 minutes. We talked about the oncoming G-8 summit, the political situation in Bihar, the careers of two prominent politicians from Bihar, about the marriage of my elder brother, about the sisters from Kerala and how education helps them to work and live independently. That was the last time I saw my father. He looked full of life and ideas even in the Intensive Care Unit. I told him that I would wait for his coming to Moscow after two months when he recovers fully. Earlier he was supposed to come to Moscow on 23rd July along with my mother and brother.
I left the hospital learning from him as always since I was a little boy. I returned to Moscow thinking of my father’s visit after two months. He was shifted to the ward the next day and on the 12th July he was discharged from the hospital. He had recovered fast and everything was normal with him. I spoke to him twice on 13th and once in the morning of the 14th July. He was recovering fast and asked me about the cutting of the stitches. I told him that after a week they would be removed. That was the last phone conversation I had with my father.
I went to my office in the Embassy as usual and had my lunch. Afterwards I posted a poem “For my great father” that I had written a few days back while he was in the hospital. Soon my brother called up and said-“abhay, come home, come home soon”.
My father was the best friend, philosopher and guide I ever had. Losing him is like losing part of my self. I know my anchor is gone but his ideals remain with me. He is immortal in my memories. I know papa I’ll miss walking with you so much.

Friday, 14 July 2006

For my great father(The 100th post)

I am leaving for the G-8 Summit to St. Petersberg today for the next few days leaving you all this poem for my great father who is just out of the hospital after a bypass heart surgery. Bye for now...I'll be back soon.

Come on
Let’s go on
It’s not time to rest
Let’s starts afresh

Soon we would be together
Exploring a new world
Full of wonders
It’s not the time to rest

I’ve been waiting for you
Since so long
To see you walking with me again
On the path of bliss

Come on
Let’s go on
It’s not time to rest
Let’s start once again

Thursday, 13 July 2006

Not a stranger any more(poetry thursday)

I am back
Once again
To Moscow
As I always return
From different parts of the world
Seeking togetherness
Seeking love
Its strange but
Moscow does not feel strange anymore
The barriers in the mind are long gone
I feel I here belong
As someone eagerly awaits my return

Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Musings from New Delhi

The message is "love and peace"
The message is deep
The world perhaps now understands
The message of this ancient civilization
The land of learning and the first book

The country is awakening
Awakening once again
Into a brand new age
With a new zeal
And succeed it will

The world now looks
With eyes wide open
At the world’s largest democracy
Wishing her well
In all her pursuits!

Monday, 10 July 2006

It's never too late

I have been out of the beautiful city of Moscow for a while to visit the evergreen New Delhi where I spent eight years of my some of the most memorable days of life so far..Now I am back again with this poem...thank you all for visiting me and writing the kind words that touch my heart...

It’s never too late
To smile to a stranger
To take a walk by the river
To travel to a distant land
It’s never too late
To learn something new
To read a book
To make a new friend
It’s never too late
To hold hands
To buy a flower for someone
To fall in love
It’s never too late
To forgive them all
To forget the bitter past
To start once again
It’s never too late
To have a hearty laugh
To cry like a child
To sing a hearty song
It’s never too late
To pen down a poem
To remember old friends
To be kind to the less fortunate
It’s never too late
To look at the stars
To say a prayer
To dream a dream
It’s never too late
To play a game
To watch the sunset
To try a new music instrument
It’s never too late
To try again

Thursday, 6 July 2006

I am not a poet(poetry thursday)

Makes me laugh
What is it
Catching my thoughts in solitude
Or just whiling away time in verses
Frankly much of poetry disgusts me
I have no patience to read abstract lines
Detailing personal thoughts and idiosyncrasies
Oh yes! I love penning down my thoughts
Whenever I can
And it’s quite pleasant to learn
Others find them interesting
But I cannot stand reading a whole poem
Even mine
As I move on
My truths move on
There is no life left in written words
They served me just fine
While I wrote them
They were just means
To vent fleeting emotions
But I am not a poet
I am just a simple man
Looking for some serenity
In this otherwise chaotic world

Wednesday, 5 July 2006

The last song

Just a few hours more with you
And I am goanna fly away
To a distant land
Perhaps never to return

I want the most of you
As life is short
Not to be wasted
In misunderstandings,hurt feelings

Who is right, who is wrong
Who is lazy, who is crazy
Who loves , who does not care

Ordinary mortals we are
Time is goanna snatch
The precious life forever
Putting us in the endless sea of death

A few hours more with you
And I am goanna fly away
You shared my joys
You shared my sorrows
Now give me a helping hand
While I am falling apart
And hold me tight
While my bones crumble
Because only in your arms
I would rest in peace forever
Bury me there
Just a few hours more…

Tuesday, 4 July 2006

A summer evening in Moscow

It’s a summer evening
Faces are lit up
In a golden glow
Wherever I look up
There is halo
On the faces
Of the nymphs
Roaming the streets of Moscow

Young or old
In their best attires
The best perfumes
And a pleasant smile
Ready for all
In a summer evening
That lasts long
In the streets of Moscow

Parks, squares or restaurant
Are all full
There is rush
At the crossings
Subway, museums or café
A long winter has gone
And it’s summer evening
In the streets of Moscow

Love is blooming
All around
As tulips bloom
On the onset of spring
Couples holding hands
Embracing, kissing
Singing the love songs
Roam the streets of Moscow

Sunday, 2 July 2006

Let me wait for you

Let me wait for you
Always and forever
Let me wait for you
Here, there or anywhere
Let me wait for you

When death beckons
Better be it together or
Let me wait for you
Lying by your side
Always and forever
Till you wake up again

Let me wait for you
Till I find love in you
Till the dawn
When all the darkness is gone
And a new day begins
Bringing us together
Always and forever

Let me wait for you
Always and forever